Chris Idzik

Chris Idzik, comes to Local 2250 after years of union work. He has worked in schools in various capacities for most of his life. Chris was a high school history teacher and building representative for his local outside of Boston. He was recruited to be the local president and was involved in all aspects of the union’s work. Later, after teaching in New Orleans, Chris joined the staff of Local 21 LA SEIU as a union organizer for the AFT in Texas. There he was part of a state-wide initiative to sign up ten thousand new union members, from school support staff to teachers. They were successful!

His most recent union work was in Philadelphia where Chris was embedded within the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers where he helped develop the political capacity of the union to impact municipal and state-wide elections. Chris helped elect a new mayor and Governor! Chris has always liked the eastern United States and he enjoys camping when he isn’t working. You can find him on the beach at Assateague when he is not defending or advocating for our members.