600 jobs lost to corporate greed

The system is rigged. Working families are losing, watching more and more jobs being shipped overseas while corporate CEOs make huge salaries and get big bonuses.

Just ask working people who make Oreo cookies and other Nabisco products in Chicago. Six hundred people at the company were told last year that their jobs would be outsourced, despite the fact that the CEO of Mondelēz International—the parent company of Nabisco—got a $6 million raise in 2015.

Corporate greed like this is something we can’t allow to continue, which is why the labor movement is launching a national good jobs campaign to call out companies who ship jobs overseas in the name of profit over everything else—such as Nabisco and its parent company, Mondelēz—and to save these and other workers from the stress of seeing their livelihoods destroyed.

We’re kicking off the campaign this week by highlighting what Nabisco workers have endured. Take a stand against corporate greed and outsourcing of jobs by watching and sharing this video with your friends.

We’re using this video to tell the story of Nabisco workers and shine a light on how corporate CEOs and Wall Street continue to rig the system against working families every day.

We have a responsibility as working people to take action together to stop corporate greed and fight for the rights of all working people to have a collective voice on the job to improve their workplaces.