Why does Congress want to take away health care?

Patricia’s story

“Why does Congress want to take away health care? I don’t have a clue.”

That’s Patricia Byrd. She served the state of Florida for years as a social worker who helped the elderly “because I love people, because I wanted to be able to help people.”

Patricia knows better than most what happens if Congress succeeds in repealing the Affordable Care Act. Her son went 31 years without health insurance until the ACA made it possible for him to get covered. Now, under the replacement plan put forward this week by congressional leaders, he might lose that coverage.

Wanda, you need to watch Patricia’s video — and you need to act to protect people like Patricia’s son who rely on the ACA for care. Click here to watch the video, share it with your friends, and call your member of Congress and tell her or him to protect people who receive their health care through the Affordable Care Act!

Thanks for all you do