AFSCME Works: August

VIDEO: Quitters Don’t

As AFSCME members, we keep our neighborhoods safe and our streets clean. We keep our schools running well and our communities strong. And we never quit.

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Victory for Seniors: AARP Drops Membership in Right-Wing ALEC

For many years, AARP has advocated for older Americans and other issues affecting retirees and those who are about to leave the workforce. Now that AARP has removed its support for ALEC, older Americans—and all Americans—can rest a bit easier knowing that AARP will not be a partner in ALEC’s extremist agenda.

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VIDEO: How We Never Quit

America’s communities never rest, and that’s why AFSCME members go above and beyond to serve the public. This closing video from our 42nd International Convention showcases our stories.

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From AFSCME President Lee Saunders
and Secretary-Treasurer Laura Reyes

Highlights from Pres. Saunders’ Convention Keynote Address

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Highlights from Sec.-Treas Reyes’ Convention Keynote Address

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