Officer Run-off Election Notice: Weds, May 23

ACE-AFSCME Local 2250

Officer Run-off Election Notice:

Thank you to all those candidates who ran for office, executive board and to be a delegate to the AFSCME Convention. Thank you to those members who also turned out in the rain to cast their vote to help set the direction of their union. Unfortunately, no candidate for the top four offices received a majority of the votes cast, so we need to conduct a run-off election next Wednesday, May 23, from 11:00am to 7:00pm at the same voting locations. See the website for details. The following are the names of those who received the top votes and will be on the ballot in the run-off:

Candidates on Run-off Election Ballot:

PRESIDENT:                                     VICE PRESIDENT:
Denise Yorkshire – Central Office                 Denise Yon – Health Services
Sharon Prince – Transportation                     Marcus Limes – Maintenance


Marian Colter – Food Services
Charlene Mahoney – School Clerical
Essence Herndon – Transportation


Yolanda Armstrong – Paraprofessionals
Jossalyn Ford – Transportation


Larry Patterson
Waymon Davis

Martin Diggs
Lizzie Battle
Kimberly Reid

Central Office

Toni Mejias
Jon Howard
Charmelia Smith-Baxter


Candidates that Won a Seat on the Executive Board:

Sharonda Green-Huggins
Evin Brown (if no officer elected from chapter)

Central Garage
Francis Fletcher
Joe Jackson

Food Service
Mark Williams
Marian Colter (if not elected Treasurer)

School Clerical
Leatrice Wharton
Charlene Mahoney (if not elected Treasurer)

Greg Johnson

Health Service
Constance Hazzard
Denise Yon (if not elected VP)

Security Services
Arthur Bonsu
Calvin Lanier

AFSCME Delegates
Sharon Prince
Kim Hall
Yolanda Armstrong
Kimberly Reid
Jossalyn Ford
Kathy Dixon
Martin Diggs
Marcus Limes
Marian Colter

Alternate Delegates
Karen Johnson
Ted Walker